Want More Actionable Answers From Market Research?

Traditionally, pharmaceutical market researchers reach out to primary research partners for answers to questions like “We need to validate this positioning,” or “What are the right messages to increase market share?” or to confirm a hypothesis.

Unfortunately, the answers you obtain from this approach are probably not the answers you need. If you’re lucky, the results may provide a glimpse of the answer(s) you need, and a missed opportunity to capture real insights.

At OptiBrand, we recommend taking market research to a higher strategic level by combining senior market research analysts with experienced brand strategists. This collaboration optimizes the value of research outcomes by better defining the right question(s). This approach is a bit more nuanced, but it ensures that: 

  1. The study design is unbiased
  2. The results are more actionable

Involvement of a strategist introduces a new dynamic to the market research process.

Further, our approach breaks from the traditional mindset of selecting qualitative research for situations A, B, and C or relegating quantitative studies for situations X, Y and Z. 

Our specialists design the screener and craft the questionnaire using qual. and quant. in non-traditional ways to best ‘get at’ the real questions for which your team needs answers.

Strategic research goes beyond traditional market research by interpreting research results in terms of its future implications and opportunities that help maximize the commercial success of your brand.

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