Unlocking Multi-Indication Success: Strategies for Brand Growth

Keytruda, Humira, Lynparza – what do these brands have in common?

Multiple Indications, done right.

For multi-indication brands to remain successful, brand establishment only begins by achieving first-indication launch excellence. Strong, strategic lifecycle planning and management is typically where brands struggle.

OptiBrand Rx has two winning strategy tips to guide you towards Multi-Indication Success:

1)     Looking Backwards and Forwards

When planning for multiple indications, it is crucial to be both forward and backward-thinking. The secret to conventional launch excellence is to be forward-facing. This entails focusing on the anticipated market environment at the time of launch and employing techniques like scenario planning and predictive analysis to forecast the future. When considering multi-indications, looking back on strategies implemented for successful multi-indication launches can be crucial for the brand’s success and growth. Understanding how your brand launched and the implications to this launch considering added indications is fundamental when planning for a subsequent launch after the initial market entry.

2)     Building Momentum

While it’s critical to be informed about the upcoming treatment landscape of the new indication – and it can be enticing to treat each new indication as a new brand launch while focussing all resources on its direction – it is equally critical to see your brand holistically.

The solution is simple: don’t treat each launch as a new brand launch, but leverage experience to create a rolling momentum. That being said, it is important not to assume that each indication is solely incremental. A brand’s anchor indication could be its third or fourth indication.

When launching new indications, several internal and external considerations must be considered. These two winning strategies will assist in laying the groundwork for a successful indication launch – one that does not overwork the brand team and generates a positive return on investment.

Important Multi-Indication Considerations: 

1.     What is the largest opportunity that could create the foundation of the brand?

2.     How are the other indications contributing to that foundation?

3.     Are the customers similar or different in terms of their indication specific needs?

4.     Will the product offer similar or evolved benefits against the indication specific needs?

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