Power in
the process

Brand Power Model™

OptiBrand’s comprehensive research process is a 360° evaluation of a brand’s transactional journey and potential. It pinpoints emotions, insights, and emerging behavior — all the valuable metrics to define brand strategy, positioning, and messaging. Testing with real-world, real-patient circumstances and scenarios; finding the action and the reaction to unearth the best drivers of behavior, and how it all impacts the brand.

Brand Power Model exploration includes the Prescribing Lab™, Flash Field Research™, our PhD Statistician Team, and Quantitative Adaptive Message Testing. Our focus is on finding the right challenger, the right choice, the right behavior that connects with the right patient, moving the right healthcare professional.

Prescribing Lab™

Find answers in authentic behavior.

Prescribing Lab™ pushes beyond expectations to help brands make confident decisions when it comes to positioning. Breaking barriers to get past routine answers and anticipated responses, it probes deeper into real-world behaviors.

Flash Field Research

Get the right answer right now.

When you need answers within a shorter span, our Flash Field Research model helps quickly turn around studies — a powerful tool for quick, concrete insight derived from surveys that uncover brilliant positioning solutions, as they arise.

Adaptive Message Testing

Identify the best path forward.

By using a hierarchical “ladder up” approach, we apply machine-learning methodologies that effectively yield the broadest set of potential messages.

PhD Statistician Team

Ask, analyze, and create focused insights.

With advanced analytics, custom simulators, and segmentation that crushes cookie-cutter approaches, we work to crystalize bespoke statistical models and craft individual experiences for every project. Where other methods are resistant to adaptation, we’re resilient, looking beyond the data to manifest measurably robust results.