Strategy & Positioning

Our focus is what's best for your brand

With a foundation of strategy forged from research and experience, we become the bridge that builds the strongest brand connection. We consider the unspoken tensions and barriers, yielding concrete positioning unclouded by creative bias.

We understand the HCP mind, as well as the patient and care partner’s, enabling us to  position your brand in a meaningful way that drives brand awareness, changes behaviors, and ignites brand loyalty.


We are the positioning experts.

Our process has resulted in countless blockbuster launches and some of the most successful turn-around stories in pharma history. Whether it’s a first-to-market game changer, a new indication, or simply a better way to deliver a tried and true drug, we have a proven, disciplined approach with a range of frameworks and tools.

We believe…

Insights are king.
We aim to unearth unarticulated tensions — too often what passes for insights in pharma aren’t insights at all. We want to find the deeply held, real reasons patients, consumers, and healthcare professionals do the things they do.

Niching bad. Specific good.
For who? When? Why? Often, in a misguided attempt to capture more share, these components are dulled, when they should be razor sharp.

Positioning should drive everything.
Can everyone on your team recite the positioning consistently and accurately in a short elevator ride? Can they distill the essence down to three or four words?

Simple is hard, but necessary. Your positioning should be alive in every strategy and tactic, not sitting dormant in the back of a PowerPoint deck.


Perception versus Reality. 
OptiBrand Rx’s qualitative, insight-mining research is based on psychological-based probing to reveal the real meaning behind superficial responses often acquired through the artificial process of traditional “interviewing”.

Our “Aha” Engine.
The natural result of this approach is a deeper understanding of meaning, motivation, and decision-making considerations.

Our two-part approach allows for modifications to the discussion guide, ensuring we leverage learnings with a deeper focus on insights, and utilize them strategically.

We care about what you’ll do, not what you say you’ll do. 
A robust, multifactorial, and statistically-validated quantitative study, designed to deliver rich learnings, guides the brand team to the findings of which messages work hardest for the brand.

A core component of this research is OptiBrand Rx’s Prescribing Laboratory®, which places stakeholders in real-world scenarios with a series of simulated patient charts.

Stakeholders are then asked to make prescribing decisions based on the competitive landscape, and in the context of the information shown.