iQ Suite

Decide iQ™ is a market research tool that uncovers the decision-making process of patients before they enter a doctor’s office. It examines critical pain points and factors like self-education, available resources, cultural barriers, and social stigmas that influence whether patients seek professional treatment or opt for self-treatment. By delving into these decision-making journeys, Decide iQ™ provides valuable insights into the barriers and motivators affecting healthcare choices, essential for aligning strategies with patient needs and behaviors.


Purchase iQ™ is a pioneering quantitative validation tool designed to elevate brand positioning strategies through rigorous market research. Utilizing a monadic approach, Purchase iQ™ eliminates bias and accurately assesses the impact of positioning statements on preference share. By incorporating detailed patient profiles and capturing pre- and post-stimuli reactions, it provides a clear, predictive analysis of market behaviors. This tool is essential for informed decision-making and precisely aligning marketing efforts with the needs of the target audience.


Prescribe iQ™ is a groundbreaking tool designed to predict product preference by integrating detailed patient profiles into quantitative research. It simulates real-world prescribing scenarios by presenting healthcare professionals with prioritized patient characteristics and target product profiles (TPPs). This method captures reactions both before and after stimuli exposure, offering a comprehensive analysis of how concepts and positioning influence prescribing decisions. Employing Prescribe iQ™ is crucial for developing marketing strategies that resonate with healthcare professionals and enhance market presence.


Behavior iQ™ is a creative research model designed to understand patients’ and consumers’ product preferences through their lived experiences and situational factors. Unlike traditional methods, Behavior iQ™ focuses on real-world scenarios such as the severity of symptoms, daily activities, and personal experiences to predict product choices. By examining factors related to the product, competition, and non-clinical considerations, it provides actionable insights into consumer behavior. This patient-centric approach is essential for developing targeted marketing strategies and ensuring they align with real-world behaviors and preferences.


Spatial iQ™ is a state-of-the-art market research tool that uses data visualizations and analysis to pinpoint where the market will be. It identifies key factors such as cost impact, treatment awareness, patient and HCP access, and prescribing volume, offering a comprehensive view of regional market opportunities. By mapping and analyzing specialist concentrations, prescribing trends, and communication networks, Spatial iQ™ provides actionable insights into how geographic differences influence healthcare behaviors. This tool is essential for optimizing regional market strategies, understanding local healthcare dynamics, and aligning marketing efforts with specific geographic insights.


A cutting-edge market research tool, Facial iQ™ pairs user-side digital cameras with reflected light technology to record both facial movements and eye position to capture emotional response and visual attention. At OBRx, we pioneer beyond traditional eye-tracking studies, observing micro-expressions to reveal emotive insights, which, when paired with attentional focus, allow a deep understanding of the relationship between respondents’ behavior and affective state.