Message+: Nuances between personal and non-personal promotion

Effective message testing plays a vital role in marketing and communication research as it allows us to understand the effectiveness and impact of product messages on target audiences. However, when conducting message tests, it is essential to consider the nuances between personal and non-personal promotion.

Personal promotion, facilitated by a sales representative or an MSL, enables for tailored messages based on the specific target audience. By identifying the segment to which a physician belongs, sales reps can deliver effective messages that are tailored to resonate with that particular audience—or as we like to call it: the right message, for the right physician, at the right time.

On the other hand, non-personal promotion (NPP) encompasses brand communications and campaign initiatives besides live interactions—e.g. website content, banner ads, social media or online discussion groups, the latter being uncontrollable communication.  NPP tends to lack target specificity and is generally more static in in nature.  While face-to-face meetings were traditionally the primary means of marketing to healthcare representatives prior to the coronavirus pandemic, digital and non-personal marketing have since become the norm.

Understanding that now in 2024 the balance between personal and non-personal promotion is as near balanced than it has ever been, we’ve developed a refined research solution called Message+ to address these challenges comprehensively through a single study which integrates both MaxDiff and TURF Analysis.  This enables marketers and market researchers to get at both personal and non-personal promotion. MaxDiff focuses on evaluating singular messages, while TURF Analysis explores the effectiveness of a story or combination of messages.

Sales representatives should aim to cover all messages from the TURF Analysis unless they have specific knowledge about a particular segment. In that case, the strategy should prioritize delivering the best message to the right segment. By incorporating these nuanced considerations of personal and non-personal delivery, researchers can gain comprehensive insights into message performance, make informed tradeoffs, and develop a more effective and impactful message strategy.

Importance of Message+: Integrating MaxDiff and TURF Analysis

Choosing between MaxDiff and TURF Analysis alone often entails compromises. MaxDiff allows for the optimization of each message’s impact. TURF Analysis, on the other hand, optimizes the reach of messages by identifying the combination that covers the largest audience. However, using only one technique can lead to suboptimal results. Employing both MaxDiff and TURF Analysis within a single study addresses these tradeoffs and ensures a more comprehensive, robust, and representative message testing process.

Message+ offers a unique and powerful solution by seamlessly integrating MaxDiff and TURF Analysis. This integration allows us to harness the strengths of both techniques and leverage them to tell a cohesive and compelling story. By combining MaxDiff’s ability to evaluate individual messages and TURF Analysis’s focus on optimizing reach, our team of analysts can address the limitations of each technique and create a more effective and impactful message strategy. Message+ empowers us to uncover meaningful insights, make informed decisions, and craft a comprehensive narrative that resonates with our target audience.

Here’s why incorporating Message+ is crucial:

  • Optimization Opportunities: Message+enables us to optimize the message strategy. The insights from MaxDiff help refine individual messages to choose the right messages, while TURF Analysis ensures that the final message mix reaches the maximum number of target audience members.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: The integration of MaxDiff and TURF Analysis empowers decision-makers with comprehensive data to make informed choices. It provides insights into both the relative importance of message elements and the ideal combination of messages that maximize audience reach.
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: Conducting both MaxDiff and TURF Analysis within a single study offers efficiency and cost savings. Our team of expert researchers can collect data from the same sample, reducing recruitment and data collection efforts. Additionally, by leveraging existing data, we can optimize the use of resources and avoid duplicative efforts.

In today’s competitive market, crafting effective messages is crucial for successful marketing and communication strategies. By adopting the Message+ approach, combining MaxDiff and TURF Analysis, we can gain comprehensive insights into message performance, optimize message strategies, and make data-driven decisions. By addressing the pitfalls and tradeoffs of each technique, Message+ offers a more comprehensive and robust message testing approach, setting the stage for impactful communication that resonates with target audiences and maximizes reach.

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